Monday, August 31, 2009

My "Favourite Things"

Oprah has her "Favourite Things" and now so do I. After telling customers for two years how wonderful it is to be surrounded by beautiful things every day, I think it's time to highlight a few of my favourites in each of the product categories I carry. These are items I use myself and have grown to love.

So, here goes.

Clothing - definitely the bamboo clothing from Dreamsacks. It's soft, light on your body and stylish. No more polyester for my yoga class! Natural fabrics are the way to go.

Nightwear - nothing compares to the breathable cotton of Simple Pleasures. The styles are feminine and cover all of the lumps and bumps making me feel beautiful and looking forward to getting into it at the end of each day.

Bedding - hands down it's Pine Cone Hill.

Sheets - the brand is not well known but is called Filari Lara. The Egyptian cotton is 400 thread count; imported from Portugal and my toes loving scooching around in them. I'll warn you, though, they wrinkle like mad.

Throws - again Dreamsacks wins. Their silk fleece throws in solid colours are the softest, most luxurious throws to wrap yourself in.

Duvets - St. Geneve's Lajord. Raised by generations of Hutterites, this 800 loft, white goose down is the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America. Covered in a 354 Thread Count Long Staple Cotton. This duvet is so light on my body but still plush and cushy to curl under.

Soaps - Acca Kappa takes the award in this category. Creating their beautiful soaps since the 1880s, this Italian company's soap is beautiful as a gift but should be enjoyed by everyone. I've convinced my husband that one of my bars lasts three times as long as his commercial bar of soap.

Surround yourself with your "favourite things" and see how lovely life can be.

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