Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is this My Purpose?

How do we know when we're following our true purpose? At one point in my life, I would have said my purpose was to raise three kind, loving children to adulthood. But the kids grew up, making my purpose redundant.

This little shop of mine brings me such joy and fulfillment that I have often felt it is my purpose. Especially when I add up all of the jobs, education, experiences and talents I've picked up through my life - they all seem to add up to this. And I spend my days surrounded by beauty and meeting wonderful women who share their stories. I learn more about linens, business, retail, myself each week. What could be more perfect?

But is it my purpose? I really couldn't say but I am grateful that the universe presented me with what I needed to pursue a dream. I suspect my purpose is multi-dimensional and not tied to any one pursuit. Maybe we never truly know our purpose.

As long as I am making room in my life for opportunity; paying attention to my intuitive side; and (most difficult of all) minimizing my ego in situations, I think my purpose may just occur naturally.

I think I'll recognize it when it arrives. Or maybe not.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cinderella Lives

A woman was in the store recently who was searching for a new look for her bed. While women are often in the store for new bedding, there was something about this woman that seemed different.

As so often happens when a woman visits the shop, we began to chat about our lives. She shared with me that she and her husband of 31 years had recently divorced, after he had retired and they realized they no longer had anything in common. This wasn’t an acrimonious parting; they are still friends and involved in their childrens' lives. Her attitude was neither one of sadness or joy; she was accepting of it. But I also saw glimpses of excitement as she thought about the possibilities. This was what seemed different about her. She was, after all, on a quest to fill her new nest to suit herself.

I was struck by how fragile relationships are. Over the years, my friends and I have shared our relationship joys and woes. We all have them – the woes. It would be impossible for any long term relationship to exist without the low times. And who would want their lives to be filled with constant joy? Joy would lose its meaning, becoming dry and old very quickly, I think.

I accept that my marriage comes with its share of woe. These moments in time help us to grow together; communicate clearly, compromise and, ultimately, accept. Yes, there is a place in my life for disagreement with my husband. But, oh, let those times be few!

I will admit that, even as a woman of a certain age, I hope to still have a fairy tale or two in my life yet to be lived. I may not be as young and fresh as Cinderella or Snow White but my husband can still be Prince Charming; able to weaken my knees with a glance or praise, thoughtful gesture or a shared memory.

I wish this woman well in her new adventure and hope there will be a fairy tale in store for her.