Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is this My Purpose?

How do we know when we're following our true purpose? At one point in my life, I would have said my purpose was to raise three kind, loving children to adulthood. But the kids grew up, making my purpose redundant.

This little shop of mine brings me such joy and fulfillment that I have often felt it is my purpose. Especially when I add up all of the jobs, education, experiences and talents I've picked up through my life - they all seem to add up to this. And I spend my days surrounded by beauty and meeting wonderful women who share their stories. I learn more about linens, business, retail, myself each week. What could be more perfect?

But is it my purpose? I really couldn't say but I am grateful that the universe presented me with what I needed to pursue a dream. I suspect my purpose is multi-dimensional and not tied to any one pursuit. Maybe we never truly know our purpose.

As long as I am making room in my life for opportunity; paying attention to my intuitive side; and (most difficult of all) minimizing my ego in situations, I think my purpose may just occur naturally.

I think I'll recognize it when it arrives. Or maybe not.


  1. Lovely post. I know what you mean when wondering of our purpose. I often think about purpose also. Is this the right path to be on? Was the huge change we made the right one for us? Did we make the right decision on our life plan? I guess answers come to us in due time, but it is a struggle sometimes to really FEEL if it is right or not. Thank you for the post today.

  2. Hello! I ask myself the same question...
    after surviving a brain tumor, I wondered what my "second chance" at being was to be.
    I look at my grown daughters with their own families, and I hear them say things that they've learned from me. They say I was a good example of what a good mom is. Was that my purpose? I guess all I can come up with is something so very simplistic...and that is..we were created to love and be loved. That seems too easy...but maybe it's supposed to be.
    Thank you for a great post!

  3. Maybe we have many purposes ?
    I think we could be a Mother,friend,business woman, inspiration to others And much much more.
    Im think in the end, every little and big thing we did, and were and learned was the "purpose" .Our purpose.I dont think one thing we do in life defines us, its everything. :)
    But hey what do I know, im 28 and eat McDonald's! haha
    xo Jenny