Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stolen Moments on the Porch Swing

The store is filled with images of summer; from the display bed to the colourful Needham Lane pj's and matching slippers. The colours of summer are not all that I love; I also love the slower pace.

Enjoyed our first dinner outside recently. Al fresco; picnic; or dinner on the deck - however we refer to it, moving our lives outside is such a treat when we have it for a few short months only.

I could easily spend hours on my porch swing during the day; reading, writing and watching the world go by. I wonder if this is what retirement will look like. I highly doubt it but will certainly grab any stolen moments I can over the summer.

There is something about nature that brings the creative out in me. I am blessed to live close enough to Lake Ontario to manage a walk down to it most days. During a recent walk, I was inspired to wander through the ancient cemetary instead of passing by it as usual. I took my time (that's the other thing about summer; I slow down and enjoy more). Reading the old tombstones started my mind wandering, too, to those families of old; their trials, challenges and joyous times. I can't help but think that, with the amount of work required by pioneers each day, times of peaceful rest would have been rare. But maybe, at day's end, they could steal a few moments at dusk to sit on a swing on their porch.

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  1. Oh..what a nice post! Lovely thoughts for today.