Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Next Step

Three months now since I closed my business. Three months of waiting for official word of what my next steps will be. Not exactly clear on who is going to send me the message but I'm certainly waiting for the curtain to part and all to become known. After all, the shop was brought to me in much this way so I'm sure it's going to happen again.

Funny thing is, I am well aware that life doesn't happen to us behind closed doors. It's through chance encounters; arranged meetings; fun social events; and any number of other ways that we interact with people, that opportunities present themselves to us.

Trouble is, I have been behind closed doors for these three months. Small annoying things kept getting in my way of getting out. Slipping on the ice put me out for three weeks or so; a sore heel of the sort that athletes suffer from (how on earth I got it I do not know) has been ongoing; sinus infection ... After a while I began to suspect that the universe was sending me a message - "Sit back. We're not ready for you yet."

Finally went for my walk to the lake this morning. It just feels like time for me to take control again. Besides, the sun was shining.

OK Universe. I've taken the first steps. I await your next instructions.

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